Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an important component of any business’ digital marketing strategy. Having a strong social media presence on Facebook and Twitter will allow your business to build customer relationships and increase sales.

With billions of users already using Facebook and Twitter, the ability to reach more prospects and customers through this medium is an essential strategy in today’s rapidly evolving online business environment.

Many businesses around the world are using social media successfully to reach their customers and to grow their brand.

If you are looking to actively market your business via social media, then our Facebook Business package and Twitter Business package will kickstart your progress.

Being a social media leader will allow your business to:

engage and interact with your prospects and customers on a regular basis,

use Facebook to increase your fan base,

extend your reach of followers through Twitter

Use social media channels to expose new customers to your brand, and to strengthen the relationship with those who are aware of your brand

establish and continue to build the visibility of your brand, and

Improve your ability to build relationships with your prospects and customers.

The team at Gnu Eventures Digital Marketing Solutions can create professional looking Facebook and Twitter pages that are aligned with your business brand.

Our Facebook Business Package:

A custom designed Facebook page for your business

Professionally written content for your Facebook profile

Addition of a Facebook icon on your website to link to your Facebook page

Guide to Ignite Your Facebook Business Page


Our Twitter Business package:

A custom designed Twitter profile page for your business

Posting of starter tweets to let your prospects and customers know about your Twitter business profile

Promotion of your Twitter page to help followers in your market find your business

Addition of a Twitter icon on your website to link to your Twitter business profile

Installation of TweetDeck to help you monitor and review the statistics on your Twitter business profile

Guide to Ignite Your Twitter Business Page

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