Search Marketing

Is your business looking to generate leads quickly through the internet?

Advertising on Google through AdWords is a cost effective way to generate leads for your business using the Internet.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is a form of advertising that harnesses the power of search marketing. When your prospects are looking for a product or service, they will enter search terms into the search engine. By advertising with Google through AdWords, this allows your business to be displayed prominently at the top of a search results page. One of the advantages of advertising through Google is that you only pay each term a prospect clicks on your ad to go to your website.

Advantages of pay per click advertising over traditional forms of advertising such as newspaper advertising is that:

  • You are able to reach a more targeted audience
  • You only pay each time a person clicks on your ad
  • You get measurable results of your ads campaigns

We specialise in provide expert management of your AdWords campaign to generate online leads for your business. We will sit down with you firstly to gain a thorough understanding of your business.

We will then:

  • Research the best search terms to target for your industry, and specific products and or services that you offer.
  • We will craft ad text copywriting that attracts searchers to click on your ads.
  • We will develop and test suitable landing pages for your website that convert.
  • Set conversion goals to track the effectiveness of your campaign.


Our AdWords paid search package is available on a monthly basis.

With AdWords, we aim to generate the most number of relevant leads and conversions for your business.

Clients who are new to AdWords are eligible to receive a $100 free voucher from Gnu Eventures Digital Marketing Solutions to kick start their leads.

If you would like to generate leads online through search marketing Google AdWords advertising,

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