Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an important component of search marketing strategy, allowing you to attract higher numbers of targeted prospects to your business website.

SEO is the practice of ensuring that your business website and its pages can be more easily found in the search engines.

When Internet users type keywords relating to your business into a search engine such as Google, effective SEO ensures that your website is found at the top of the search results page. The better your site’s ranking, the more visitors your business will receive.

In comparison to traditional offline advertising, SEO as part of a digital marketing strategy provides a much more cost-effective way to reach potential clients. You are able to use your advertising budget to make contact with people who have indicated an interest in your company and the products and services you have to offer.

With a strong online business presence, you are able to capture a greater share of your potential customer base, in comparison to your competitors who lack a significant online footprint.

Investing in SEO allows you to speed up the process of becoming an authority site on the Internet. Internet users view authority sites as trusted sources of information, making people more likely to purchase goods and services from companies perceived as authority figures on the Internet.

SEO Bronze Package

You can begin building your online business presence with a bronze SEO monthly package from Gnu Eventures Digital Marketing Solutions.

What You Get:

3 search phrases that your website is ranked for;

Keyword research to identify the search terms that your business should be ranking for in the search engines and to select the optimal search phrases for your business;

Website analysis to check that your website is ready for SEO

Building of your website presence through link management

Publication and distribution of content on authoritative websites and social media sites

Rankings Report – to track rankings for your website in the search engines

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